KAREOKEIFYER BY EDX - Get any song for free, legally!


For Windows Vista/7/8/10 - Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 required. ZIP Password: 'EDXXXONLINE' (all caps)

1- Artist select --- 2- Add artist and list songs
3- Clear artist list and refill with all the artists from the top 100. --- 4- Song select
5- Song version select --- 6- Listening method


On first run
1. Extract the ZIP you just downloaded into an empty folder. If it asks for a password enter 'EDXXXONLINE' (all caps)
2. Open the app and click 'Rebuild song index'. This will add every artist in the top 100 to the artist list and most of their songs to the song selection. The app will close once this is done

Playing a song
1. Select artist from the artist select box. If it is not there, type the name of the artist into the select box and click 'Add to song index'. Make sure you've spelt it right if you want their songs to be listed!
2. Select song from song selection box. If it is not there, type the song title in!
3. Select listening method.
4. Click 'Play'
Optional: Click on the song version select box and use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to select a different version of the song. You may need to do this if the normal song isn't found.

This program is safe. Please ignore all security warnings