As of 11/4/17 The download converter has been DISCONTINUED. It may not work! Please use the online one.


Scratch to EXE

If you're having problems with the updated installer Use the older one
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Release notes: Third version. Bug fixes!
You need to disable your antivirus as sometimes a false detection can occur
If you need help, you can email or Or you can watch this video:

System requirements

Scratch to EXE:
Windows Vista+
2gb of RAM or higher recommended.
1.5GHZ+ Procceser speed recommended

Scratch to EXE Apps:
Windows Vista+
Important: Scratch to EXE or Scratch to EXE apps will not run without the .NET 4.5 framework from Microsoft. It comes with Windows 10 but older systems need to download it HERE

Full help(From scratch wiki)

After you download the installer, you may need to disable your antivirus to allow the converter to work correctly. Then open the installer and click install, then wait until a message appears telling you your install is finished.

  1. Open the downloaded program, then read the help tab if necessary
  2. On the second tab enter your project ID in the box. This is the long number in all scratch project URL's. For example, if your project URL is, then the ID would be 128316889.
  3. On the third tab fill in the details as described in the help tab. It is also required that you have a .ico file to use as the icon.
  4. Finally, on the fourth tab, find a folder to save your EXE and click build.

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Note: Some antiviruses report Scratch to EXE as "DRep", which means they don't know if people don't use it. Just ignore it